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    Victor C
    Enter Hillary - Obama will Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from Trump Till the Hillary comes Sleep with one eye open (after election day) Gripping your pillow tight Exit, light Enter, night Take Hillary's hand We're off to never-Trump land ... Hush little voter, don't say a word And never mind about those emails you heard It's just the Russians under your bed In your closet, in your head =p
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    lol meep
    if you are the average voter then i have to agree, meep
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    BIG WIGS comedy central: Put more videos up Please = I know there's more clips between the days I watch - eery Day briNG IT
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    I think Dak was referring to the CC website. Using the thing you used to post here. :/
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    Count DaMoney
    So one sided in political Trump attack that there's no credibility in this show. Trump is the product of democracy. Clinton is a product of the most obscene corruption. Wow, what a choice. Desi Lydic is a clear example of when a woman is beautiful, smart and strong we men just cannot compete. Go Desi!!
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    Dean Quinn
    You're so brainwashed lmao
    anthony longoria
    I cannot think of a single reason for why anyone who knows how to use the internet would not be against Trump, or you know, people who understand english
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    D S (homefreekids)
    When are you putting up another one? Anything to do with the travel ban?
    Loki the Trixter
    trevor better not puss out and skip over about the "liberals" at UC Berkeley, those disgraceful humanbeings
    I think you guys should interview Peter Joseph :)
    This guy isn't even remotely funny.
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    Ha'adon Adonai above all
    Glad to hear someone else here thinks Trevor Noah is a total ASS CLOWN
    Dean Quinn
    He really isn't. It's sad people are being fed his bullshit which is just regurgitated liberal bullshit.
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    Khanya Blacksun
    Trevor Noah needs to diversify the show a little. We are tired of hearing about Donald Trump week in, week out! Learn something from John Oliver.
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    He's only doing what his masters tell him
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    Please make the videos available in Canada!!!
    Peter van der Meij
    its very nice of them to refer to their website in every video description, only to find out it doesn't work anywhere else in the world! make them available worldwide please!
    Zer0 Bin0pse
    DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service DDoRN: Distributed Denial of Real News...... welcome to the modern form of (fascist) propaganda; thousands of troll accounts diluting common sense
    Persona Ohnlyne
    About Trump's new speeches on bringing the country together and not attacking minorities.
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    cracked is terrible
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    Bert Jansch
    Sleight of hand analogies WRT Trump pertain more so to math rather than magic. Do you even quantum mechanics bro?
    aitwayer tag
    Quadruple the amount of moderating staff sins drumpf 🏳
    America, it's time to ask yourselves: What defines a political refugee, and how fast can you get to canada...?
    Shashank Agarwal
    test comment
    shashank agarwal
    updated test
    Trofknarf Alias
    Have a look at this.
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    Kerst Nachname
    They changed it into a World map :D Although the joke in itself becomes less funny...the running joke becomes more and more funny :D Now I want Mexico to join (and the Daily Show Team to see this , please^^)
    Trofknarf Alias
    The largest comedy show on earth. lol
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    Monomanian Distream
    Why did you delete your trump cake video?
    Snapchat Hack
    I love comedy central, and your show reminds me of that.
    Roberta Waddell
    Would it be possible to make your videos available in Canada? I can subscribe, but I can't see them!
    Nawad Aga
    I usually did not want to believe , that a most of the American where racist I knew some of them where, but now I know most of them are
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