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    Mohammad Sultan
    why there're no new videos for five days????!
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    Gordy Bing
    The Daily Show runs 4 shows per week, about 40 weeks per year. They save a lot of money by needing only one crew of people, whereas the big network shows need two full crews, to cover peoples time off.
    Trevor, did Trump deport you already? I hoped to have at least one more year with you.
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    Khanya Blacksun
    Trevor Noah needs to diversify the show a little. We are tired of hearing about Donald Trump week in, week out! Learn something from John Oliver.
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    Sajeanne Kozlowski
    And the world is still talking [& laughing] about Donald Trump... I bet you are really angry now, huh? FYI: John Oliver talks about Trump constantly too. It's news... let it go.
    ken o
    LOL, you sound like a Clinton News Network fan. Want to talk about innumerable lies. CNN is the king of lies, followed by the main stream networks. One article before trump was elected, said he was wiretapped and there were transcripts. Transcript is the buzz word. Only national security agencies can get actual transcripts. So what does that tell you who gave the info to the NYT's. NYT's. Trump wasn't suppose to win so it was ok to put out the article. Ooooops, Trump won, now all the blackbag sh.t the DNC and their minions. It's coming to light, they're freaking out about this now. All the DNC has is Trump is racist. Collusion with the Russians. Taking away women's rights. WTF has he said rights he'd be taking away from women. Moderate Dems are watching all the lying bullsh.. and the hate they're spewing. Are leaving the party. They are imploding and are to stupid to see it, and keep feeding it with their stupid antics.
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    Agustin Osorio
    Was Trevor Censored? i haven't seen him again since a week or so ago.
    M E
    I hope so, he is really factual, to the point and good
    They're on break. CC website says they'll be back Monday
    Count DaMoney
    So one sided in political Trump attack that there's no credibility in this show. Trump is the product of democracy. Clinton is a product of the most obscene corruption. Wow, what a choice. Desi Lydic is a clear example of when a woman is beautiful, smart and strong we men just cannot compete. Go Desi!!
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    The Fading of Your Face
    Trump was handed a mess from the most incompetent president in history!
    Dean Quinn
    You're so brainwashed lmao
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    Victor C
    Enter Hillary - Obama will Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from Trump Till the Hillary comes Sleep with one eye open (after election day) Gripping your pillow tight Exit, light Enter, night Take Hillary's hand We're off to never-Trump land ... Hush little voter, don't say a word And never mind about those emails you heard It's just the Russians under your bed In your closet, in your head =p
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    Blue Jay The meep queen
    lol meep
    if you are the average voter then i have to agree, meep
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    Rikard Peterson
    Why is the music at the end of your clips at three times the volume compared to the content? Are you trying to make sure people close their browsers quickly after watching a clip, so that you don't get too many subscribers?
    I was just complaining about posted this 3 months ago and they're still doing it so I guess they don't read their Discussion board lol
    123 456
    Exactly this! Fix your audio it's so low i have to put all at max to hear and then the ending credits com and BOOM my ears blow off!
    BIG WIGS comedy central: Put more videos up Please = I know there's more clips between the days I watch - eery Day briNG IT
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    I think Dak was referring to the CC website. Using the thing you used to post here. :/
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    Syisulis Solease
    Where you at Trevor Noah haven't gotten a video since she lost....
    No new uploads? Website videos not available outside US, we Europe love your videos! please upload on Youtube! Thanks
    Nicole Erasmus
    south africa too. where has the Daily show gone??
    Raju Mutha
    Hey Trevor.. We are waiting for your after election comments..
    Sara Daamouch
    Why didn't you speak of Turkey bombings ? Muslim lives don't matter ?
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    Kelvin Ankoh
    you do know this is a satirical show about the trappings of America's politics and culture and not a news organization. They have said it several times, they are not journalist. You know about the cruel nature of Turkey, cool. Crying why a comedy tv show is talking about is just petty. do you need milk to validate that you will get strong bones.
    Adam Cummings
    Yes...because god forbid a U.S. comedy news show covers U.S. election news on what candidates are speaking because they didn't cover the Turkish genocide they are trying to tell us "It doesn't matter." You're so right. "Muslim lives don't matter ?" get over yourself.
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    D S
    When are you putting up another one? Anything to do with the travel ban?
    Timothy Cooper
    Canadian Here - Daily Show/Comedy Central - Get your Geo-location shit together! It makes NO sense that I have to watch Daily Show videos on Facebook because "The Uploader has not made this video available in your country". This is ridiculous, Not only do we get "The Daily Show" in Canada, but YouTube is a GLOBAL service, restricting use is so obviously just bad business. This is a serious oversight, or else someone is just fucking incompetent ;)
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    Erik Bortscht
    It's more likely the case that local authorities are blocking stuff like that for you. Like in Germany there are these mental institutions called the GEZ, that is collecting money from people owning radios, TVs or a internet capable devices in general and GEMA, that oversees content providers like Youtube, DJs, or fucking orchestras for publicly playing music, because there might be copyrighted music being played, so they charge you for it. And if you have a big Youtube-Channel and you haven't payed your dues to GEMA or you haven't proven to them, that you're not playing copyrighted music, you're fucked.
    I can watch them and I'm in Japan. Weird.
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    Kara Kampfer
    I just want to say that this man Trevor Noah is a paid shill. He is propagandizing a very uneducated group of leftist ideologues to become proponents for massive government control. This man is very deceptive and he loves to label people as racist homophobic and misogynistic… You name it. Luckily his brand of leftism is being laughed at all over the world and people are fighting against it ( examples are trump becoming president and the wonderful Brexit from the EU)at there are many who are intelligent enough to see that this is pure propaganda. The masses are so "dumbed down" because of poor education ,paid off journalists like this joker (Who don't report the truth )and terribly corrupt television programs that are brought to the masses on a SilverPlatter in order to brainwash them into thinking accepting globalism and the new order of things that happen to be against the values of America and what America is truly about! The daily show and this man do not care about America or Americans they have an agenda and they're paid very well to deliver it
    Your show [email protected] sucks
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    Bryce Bhatnagar
    its awesome.
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    Sonny Bardo
    Thank you Trevor Noah and the team for killing it every show. I appreciate your sense of humor, the news and for you taking over for Jon Stewart.. America needs you guys to do what you do.... Thank you. All the best to you...
    This guy isn't even remotely funny.
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    Ha'adon Adonai above all
    Glad to hear someone else here thinks Trevor Noah is a total ASS CLOWN
    Dean Quinn
    He really isn't. It's sad people are being fed his bullshit which is just regurgitated liberal bullshit.
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    It's about time they gave their shows their own channels. Talk about behind the times.
    Mr. Nisse
    And they're still blocking non-Americans.
    Blue Jay The meep queen
    trump has won noo!!
    Please make the videos available in Canada!!!
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    Peter van der Meij
    I know. But I still think it's stupid 
    its really easy to get a vpn... i live in china and can see all videos anytime
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