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    Hey guys, so today I did a video with my favorite web clothing store called junkyard. They sent me some clothes for me to show in this video. I really hope you enjoyed this video, if not stay tuned for the next video! Links are down below.

    Jakke 3S Bomber:
    Caps Trefoil:
    Bukse SST TP:
    Bukse XX Basic:
    TShirt XX Basic Boyfriend:
    Shorts Selma:
    Tank Top SWEET:
    Leggings Camo:
    TShirt 2 Stripes:
    Jakke camo:

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    Music by:
    * Dyalla - Half past love:
    * Joakim Karud - Future funk:
    * Human Movement - Right Thang (ft. Eliot Porter) (Loosid Remix)

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    Snapchat: @sunnijeep
    Instagram: @ihascakes

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    Jakob Hastreiter, Dylan Michell, Daniel Klos, Alex Bakhuizen, Matthias, Ali Slaitini, Rob, Mafia1860, Gabe S, Kevin Quiatkowski, Alex241994 & Anno.

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    P.O. Box 58, 1541 Vestby, Norway

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